Homesweet Homes, is an apartment tree all kinds of families live in.... from The   Silly Coloring Book of Divorce

One of the main characters in The Silly Coloring Book of Divorce is Homesweet Homes, the apartment tree.

All kinds of families live in him... married, divorced, blended, extended....you name it!

"We pulled a random CD in the dark car last night while going to get Chinese food and listened to The Silly Book one more time.  The kids were so enthralled... and so was I.  This is great work Mighty - and can really help people of all ages with a new perspective on divorce and families.  May the universe get this book into all hands who need it!"

Stephanie G.
Proud Mama of Sabina, Erastus, Carlee, Achaia, Protus Jr. and Elijah, my beautiful family of unique shape and size
Catskill Mountains, NY
February 2016

"Mighty's Silly Coloring Book of Divorce offers a refreshing approach to a little written about yet extremely important subject... that of a child's perception of their parents divorce/separation. With the high percentage of children whose parents do separate and divorce, it is amazing that so little is written about it, and none with the mix of humor and honesty that Mighty brings to her book.

Children will love the complex illustrations that are as rich and wacky as children's own imaginations!"

Dennis McCarthy LMHC
Child Psychotherapist
Kingston, New York

''I've just read through your Silly Book and it's really great!   I would be happy and honored to endorse your book.  The Silly Book is really great fun and should be very helpful for kids.  I think they will really feel into the worlds presented:  find paths their beings felt and understood in their own particular dilemma."

Jenny Bates LCWSR
Social Worker
New York ~ England

The Silly Coloring Book of Divorce contains many stories about divorce and separation and is a wonderful resource which brings parent and child together, and never gets boring for either. 

One of the strengths of this creation is the playful dialogue it encourages between parent and child that is both instructive and healing. What stands out is how the imagery of Xee's book reaches layers of understanding far beyond words because of it's laugh-at-ourselves style. The Silly Book successfully introduces important concepts not usually or easily discussed with younger audiences, and will draw children into an endless, thought provoking adventure.

It demystifies divorce... 5 stars!"

Ray Bergen Phd.
Couples and Family Counselor
Saugerties, New York

"I completed a thorough reading of The Silly Book - Xee's tales about divorce and separation.  I read it with much interest personally and professionally.  Xee has created a resource I believe holds value for parents and children, as well as teachers, social workers and other professionals who work with families in the midst of family discord, or after divorce or separation.
Children sometimes have a difficult time identifying their feelings, and Xee's book helps this process occur, but she doesn't stop there.  She validates those feelings and provide suggestions of tools to help kids come up with solutions for appropriate ways to deal with such feelings.
As a classroom teacher for over fifteen years, I would feel comfortable suggesting this book to parents to read with their children.  It would be a great way to open doors of communication.
Students in upper elementary grades would enjoy the illustrations, word play and suggestions on their own, and perhaps use the book as a way to alert their parents to some of the stress they might be feeling as a result of their parent's discord or ending their relationship or marriage."

Jeanne Schlosser
Elementary School Teacher
Ulster County, New York

"In The Silly Coloring Book of Divorce, tales about families, fighting and divorce or separation parents and kids are offered an opportunity to acknowledge all the feelings, questions, fears, and results of living through the experience of divorce or separation.  It's humorous, whimsical style helps begin the healing process by making sensitive issues accessible for expression.

The optimal way to read this book is slowly, over a period of a few weeks, perhaps allowing your child to color the pages after they've been read.  This will permit the child to take what is being presented and allow her or his reaction to be expressed.  The acknowledgement and expression of feelings, from both parent and child, provides the foundation for success in future relationships."

Nell Lefebvre
Licensed Certified Social Worker

"I highly recommend Mighty Xee's The Silly Book of Divorce

A creative, humorous, deeply caring and thoughtful collection for children and families, about the ups and downs of marital discord, divorce and separation, with candor and honesty, her wonderfully wacky characters express the gambit of feelings, fears, confusions and challenges that children and adults experience.

The delightful drawings and stories in The Silly Book of Divorce are sprinkled with down to earth, respectful advice, help children gain a sense of self understanding, acceptance, and empowerment."

Barbara Kinney
Parenting Educator, Positive Discipline Associate, Pathwork Teacher

"It's like Hieronymus Bosch!"

Phil Sauers
Water Not Weapons Foundation,  New York City, N. Y.

"It's like a fairy tale on each page, only it's taken from real life, and you don't know which thing your kid may identify with on what day!"

Lucy Lebron
Single Mother - Amayah Lebron Daughter
Hartford, Connecticut

"I really love the anarchistic humor."

Annette Weisser
Assistant Professor of Fine Art, Art Center Design College
Pasadena, California

"...a divorce coloring book!  Awesome!  The artwork is amazing!"

Sharon Merchant
Matrimonial and Family Law

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