Wild and wacky Aunt Silly (aka Mighty Xee) reads the entire Silly Book of Divorce to your child.  To listen to one of her stories, please visit her website...Oops...you're already here! Below, please listen to a true story about Timmy. He wanted his Dad's attention, but Timmy's Dad kept reading the newspaper!  Learn what Timmy does...

 Every kids wants lots of time and attention  DUH! duh! duh! duh! duh! duhhhhhhhhh!!!!


 Excerpt from The Silly Book of Divorce's CD read Along



The Beanie Baby Story 

Mighty, aka Aunt Silly, shares a story about her own grand daughter (who has now become a beautifully grown up woman).  But back then, her grandchild was only three year old - and for goodness sake, though normally a very sweet child, she suddenly would not share!  Period. NO WAY. Nope.  She would NOT let Grammy Mighty play with her beanie babies!  Phooey! 

Watch Aunt Silly tell The Beanie Baby Story while Tallulah does her favorite thing...eating food.