The Silly Book of Divorce for ages six to sixty with FREE musical CD read along

Through playful stories and beautiful music, The Silly Book builds on suggestions from child therapists, educators and social workers on how to support your child if parents much live apart.... and because it is also a coloring book, hours of quiet time is guarenteed.

Featuring characters like Zilla Divorcekii, Homesweet Home the family tree, and the......Momordad!



What the heck is that? 

Whelp, Momordads have a Mom head, a Dad head, two arms and (3) three legs. They are usually quite naughty too.Only grumpy kids are permitted to buy them at select pet stores at some malls worldwide. With a Momordad on a leash, a kid can regain control of the situation when their Mom and Dad refuse to live together.

The Silly Book of Divorce offers:

  • short story collection
  • fun stuff to make and do
  • tips for strong self esteem
  • games to release upset feelings
  • a Recipe for a Happy Home
  • piano and woodwind play in the background

Listen to and excerpt: "A True Story"

Timmy wants his Dad's attention but his Dad keeps reading the newspaper. Silly man!  Ah oh......

This is a true story told to the author by a child therapist working in the Catskills Mountains of New York.