Under a spell

Like many other author-illustrators of kids books, my first picture book was written quietly and privately for my own child. 

Soon after, as I juggled art, music and reality hats providing for my family, I began another about Oooli, a critter who only eats litter. To Oooli's dismay, she was placed inside a cold and lonely portfolio forced to spend years quietly, in the dark, until....




The Litter Bitty Critter Awakens

This past winter, Oooli, The Litter Bitty Critter broke out of her portfolio dungeon:

One moonlit night, a fantastic egg falls from a tree where it had been placed by it's Mom. Eventually, Oooli pops out hungry as a bear in spring and is befriended by Harry and Alice who try to help, feeding  her bagels, watermelon or ice cream. But 'ole Oooli only has eye for litter. That's right...yum, yum.   Like in most towns world wide, Oooli finds plenty to eat....

As a newbie to picture book writing and illustrating, I'm percolating another wild tale, Rosie Loves Butterflies.

Coming soon.... stay tuned



A note about a special dog,Tallulah


Unlike Oooli, the litter eating critters, Tallulah LOVES food.  Watch Tallulah eat parsnips, broccoli and asparagus on Youtube:

Tallulah Refuses to Be a Movie Star

St Bernard-Newfie Mix Tallulah loves her Vegetables   

Tallulah is adopted, mixed color and half black and half white.  She's featured in a coloring book-family reader about families: The Silly Book of Divorce (disguised as Subwoofer)

More about Mighty

A sucker for ornamental grasses, sugar snap peas and yummy Sunday breakfasts out about town, I share a home on the edge of a sparkling kettle pond in Western Massachusetts surrounded by gardens with my husband Gary, dog Tallulah, frogs, ducks, cat, owls, fireflies, water lilies n' kayaks. 

Visit my website (for grown-ups) to view my fine art, listen to one of my tunes, many environmental in nature, and learn about my landscape design and fine gardening.  Note: my adult art has been described as provocative or disturbing (which makes me pretty happy) and is for adults or really mature, amazing, brilliant kids. Fair warning. Please visit http://www.landofxee.com




Tallulah and Mighty take a walk to clear their heads after so much writing and drawing....

Tallulah and Mighty take a walk to clear their heads after so much writing and drawing....