This website is exclusively devoted to my work for children.

For more about my music and fine art please visit: www.landofxee.com

I’m currently plugging away on a few picture book dummies:

The Litter Bitty Critter: a multi species critter Oooli will only eat litter!

Butterflies for Rosie: a spunky girl goes to great lengths to draw butterflies to her assisted by her wily magician Grandpa.

The Ish’s Wish: A clan of hat maker birds have trouble breathing smog when factories are built nearby. After a hurricane sweeps them away, they wake on an island that shows them there is a better way to heat, cool and light the day.

After raising two children in the Catskills. l now live on the banks of a sparkling kettle pond in Western Massachusetts.

I actively seek representation with agents, publishers and/or authors.

Mighty Xee


Cooper Union College of Art and Architecture, New York City, NY. (1969,1971)
Hunter College, New York City, NY. (1970)


1987 Fire on the Mountain
2005 The Silly Coloring Book of Divorce
2011 Real Time, Real Piano
2014 Birches Entwining
2018 Shelter's GraceDavi


2009 – Puffin Foundation, grant for ‘Art for the People’
2006 – 4th World Water Forum, Artistic Component. Oaxaca, Mexico. Sponsored by the
            African United Nations and the Nation of Ethiopia.
2002 – Puffin Foundation. For work confronting some of the more provocative social
            and political issues of our times


2010 – ''Men, Men, Men, and other Works'' The Art Upstairs Gallery, Phoenicia, N.Y.
2010 – Shandaken Arts Festival and Studio Tour, Chichester, New York
2009 – Shandaken Arts Festival and Studio Tour, Chichester, New York
2002 – Colony Gallery, Woodstock, NY.
1999 – "Paintings by Xee," Mother Earth Gallery, Albany NY.
1995 – The Gallery, Woodstock, NY.
1995 – Paint the Night Concert Series, Woodstock, NY.
1983 – Garden of Earthly Delights, Soho, NY. 


2006 – 2010 numerous shows, The Art Upstairs, Phoenicia, N.Y.
2007 – 2010 numerous shows, Varga Gallery, Woodstock, N.Y.
2006 – “Worth of a Woman" V-Day’s Women's Art Exhibition, Artists Alliance, Orange County, N.Y.
2005 – "Women Artists of the Hudson Valley," Arts Alliance, Newburgh, N.Y.
2004 – "Women Artists of the Hudson Valley," Museum of the Hudson Highlands. Cornwall, N.Y.
2005 – Multiple Juried Shows, Woodstock Artists Assoc., Woodstock, N.Y.
2003 – "Environmental Visions." Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall, N.Y.
2002 – Group Show, Colony Gallery, Woodstock, N.Y.
1999 – Women's Expo "30 Artists" Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1998 – "Dreamscapes" Deep Listening Gallery, Kingston, N.Y.
1997 – Land in the Sky Gallery, Woodstock, N.Y.


2018- Sand Hill Press Poetry and Art Anthology

2006 – We' Moon Publications
1996 – Woodstock Gatherings: Apple Bites and Ashes


2018 featured illustrator - https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/illustrator-saturday-mighty-xee/


Town of Woodstock Courthouse,  Woodstock, N.Y.
Woodstock Museum
Judith Simon
Sunflower Health Food Store
Patrick’s Walk to End Hunger, Vermont
Private collections



 Tallulah is a mixed color, half black, half white pooch from a blended family.  Believe it or not but Talullah LOVES vegetables! Yup! Parsnips, broccoli, string beans and asparagus.  Watch her chomp down vegetables on Youtube:

Tallulah Refuses to Be a Movie Star

St Bernard-Newfie Mix Tallulah loves her Vegetables   

(Tallulah appears in The Silly Book of Divorce disguised as Subwoofer).  Listen to Tallulah's Aunt Silly read excerpts from The Silly Book of Divorce under  "Listen'  right here on this website!


Tallulah and Mighty take a walk to clear their heads after so much writing and drawing....

Tallulah and Mighty take a walk to clear their heads after so much writing and drawing....